Angie is the deuteragonist and the roommate of the Protagonist in Campus Crush. She is known widely about her conflicts with her on-and_off boyfriend,  Justin, as well as being the typical smooth and cool party girl.


Angie was born from a not so rich background. Unlike her rich or socialite classmates, Angie was on full scholarship and in order to keep it, she had to spy on the Protagonist's whereabouts.

Ink Update Makeover

Angie looks slightly different inside the new Ink Updated Episode Interactive implemented. Angie has the black colored, wavy beach hair and her default outfit is a black tank top with red short shorts. Angie is also shown to have more animations used within her dialogues within the Ink updated story.


Angie's personality is really up and happy, she always has a positive attitude but even some of the smallest things can conflict herself and her mind. She is considered soft and sweet, as seen when forgiving Justin. The protagonist is constantly on the look out for her since she loves going to parties and not coming home at the right time. It is very obvious that she likes parties and social events. She is described widely as outgoing and social.