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Courtney is a minor character in "Campus Crush". She is the second-in-command of Eta, right under Prissy, her best friend. She is one of the Protagonist's good friends and advises her with tips on Eta-based things.


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Courtney is unargueably one of the most friendliest of the Eta sisters, some say she's an opposite of Prissy. She strongly respects the Protagonist and always greets her with a friendly-vibe. She is a general party animal and loves to give compliments to people, brightening up their day. In some cases, Courtney can become sour if she gets bored or isn't interested, but most of the time, she is an All-Ears. One of her strongest points is being excited about almost everything.


  • Courtney is used as a background character for many stories on the episode app.
    • She is seen twice in The Captain's Daughter.
  • Many characters in the episode app bear a striking resemblelence to Courtney.