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"Enslaved" is a Drama story by Mary Galvan and Mayaa. in the user stories section on the Episode Interactive: Choose Your Story app. "Enslaved" currently has 26 episodes, along with 610000+ reads on the app. The Episode story is based on sex trafficking. There is going to be a conclusion and a sequel coming soon.

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Old version

"Based on true accounts, follow Acacia's story as she struggles to free herself from human trafficking."

New version

"Acacia's "spring break" trip goes horribly wrong when she's suddenly taken and sold to the sex trade. Will she escape?"


Main Characters

  • Acacia

Acacia is the main protagonist of the story. While traveling to Mexico with her two best friends, she gets kidnapped by Blaze, who faked a date with her. She turns into the only hope to free many enslaved girls, with her courage to confront anyone she wants to, if it means protecting the people she love.

  • Xavier

Acacia's ex boyfriend.

  • Blaze
  • Carmen
  • Carlos
  • Dante
  • Gen
  • Astrid
  • Tati
  • Meila