The gemstone series is a user stories mystery-thriller written by GinaPlaysGames, in the classic style.

Currently there are two books published - Gemstone 1 : Axinite, and Gemstone 2 : Carnelian. The author has said there will be 5 seasons and possibly spin-offs.

Setting Edit

All stories are set in Leni, a dictatorship state. The government and a tv news show control most aspects of peoples live's. There are groups of people who live in the forest as "savages" whom are often outlaws. There are also serval "Gemstone keepers" whom can perform magic. The police force often kills "savages" for no reason and the government often "wipes" (removing some parts or all memory, but people can often gain memories back via magic or looking at a certain object.) certain people, especially Gemstone keepers.

Characters Edit

The characters point of view changes frequently in season two but is mostly Kate in season one.

Season one Edit

In season one the point of view is mainly of Kate, a Gemstone keeper that has been wiped. She journeys through the Grey Woods, and stumbles across a middle-class apartment building and meets Janet, whom she will stay in her house and also will be her friend for many episodes. She quickly learns a government propaganda scheme about Dora Drew, her twin.(the scheme paints Dora as a evil killer.) Firstly Kate believes this is about her, and her name is Dora however she learns otherwise soon after. Janet and Kate have serval simple and unsuccessful attempts to rouse memory , but along the way they become friends, and Janet even falls in love with Kate. However love never blossoms properly between the two as Janet is kidnapped and killed by Wiley. At the end of season one Kate is kidnapped by the gorverment and nearly killed.

Season two Edit

In season two, the Point of View is mainly Krystal, but also switches to Wentworth, a government minster, Kate, and Blair, a forest "savage." Krystal and an unknown stranger (whom you get to name) are both lost and wiped in a forest. Depending on what you choose they ether become friends or enemies. Half way through ch1 they meet Blair who sadly dies in ch2. They stay in Blair's house until they explore further, leaving the forest and stay in Janet's house, where the stranger gets killed and Krystal becomes kidnapped, both by government, you also learn backstorys and subplots in this season.