"Hate That Boyband" is written by Aisha Ayesha, is a Romance/Comedy/Drama story published in the user stories section on the Episode Interactive app. Released on 21st December 2015, "Hate That Boyband" currently has 8 episodes, along with over 12.6k reads on the app. The Episode story is an adaptation of the Original Teen Fiction/Fan-fiction novel, Hate That BoyBand on Wattpad.

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Lize Arigalez, a proud hater of That Boyband, decides to share her hatred towards them on social media.When her post goes horribly viral, Lize becomes an international target. Will she beat the fire or will she burn down in flames?


Main Characters

  • Lize Arigalez | Age: 17

Lize is the main protagonist whom, ironically, has a sarcastic and snarky side to her. In the beginning, she proclaims her hate for That Boyband, with an extremely alarming post on Tweetbook. Yet, funny enough, she unknowingly ends up spending the rest of her summer holidays with them. She has a best friend, Faye, and they have spent their entire childhood together.

  • Faye Raine | Age: 17

Faye is the main protagonist's best friend whom is Lize's only friend, in fact. She takes care of Lize and treats her like a sister, being the only child. She's kind, caring, and considerate, but she has yet to really show her inner feelings to anyone.

  • Xavier Collins | Age: 18

Xavier is seen as selfish, rude, douche-bag. However, despite his actions, he has a natural instinct to help others who are in need. Ironically, he has yet to find out about his own personal issues.

  • Diego Mariano | Age: 20

Diego is a charming lad, some might even consider comparing him to a prince. Caring, charming and sweet-- are all the characteristics he seems to have. Yet, there's something about him that seems off.

  • Glendan Dermott | Age: 19

Glendan is known as the Irish blond (in the boy band) whom has a certain liking to Nando's (his favourite food). He is seen as a possible love interest for Faye, as many ship them together (#Glaine/Faydan).

Other Significant Characters

  • Chris Lloyd | Age: 19

Chris makes an appearance as part of That Boyband, however, his character is not as important to the story.

  • Zephyr Olen | Age:19

Zephyr makes an appearance as part of That Boyband, however, his character is not as important to the story.

  • Mrs. Arigalez

Mrs. Arigalez plays the mother of Lize. She is a divorcee. A single and working mum, with one child.

  • Mr. Arigalez

Mr. Arigalez plays the father of Lize. He had walked out on the family when Lize was seven years old.

List of Episodes

Season 1 - "Of Fire and Blood"

Series # Episode # Title Release Date
1 1 That Boyband's in Town 21 Dec 2015
2 2 Double Trouble 21 Dec 2015
3 3 Chick Versus Prick 21 Dec 2015
4 4 Good Riddance 21 Dec 2015
5 5 In Measureless Delight 21 Dec 2015
6 6 Boyband Brawl 24 Jan 2016
7 7 The Getaway 7 March 2016
8 8 A Cosmic Connection 2 June 2016
9 9 TBA
10 10 TBA
11 11 TBA