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Heat on the Water is a story that is featured on the Episode: Choose Your Story app.

The main character is Anna, an outgoing young woman who first becomes an MC for the boy band called HearThrob.

Main Characters


The main protagonist of the series. She became the band's MC. Anna is an outgoing and confident girl.


Vicky is Anna's best friend who works as a photographer. She betrayed Anna by working for Nina, but came clean afterwards. Nina threatened her and knew about her past. Vicky used to take nude photos of people.



One of the members of the band who has a chemistry with Anna. Rick ordered him to flirt with Anna.


He is a level headed member of the group. He didn't take a liking to Anna at first because he thought that she was using the band for her 15 minutes of fame.


He is the dancer of the band.



Jai is a member of the band. He is confused about his own sexuality. He can decide who he wants to be with, Vicky or Jean Paul.


He is the best singer in the band.

Minor Characters


Harmony's young sister. She is Nina's friend.

Miss Cassie

Miss Cassie is an owner of a music store. She first asked Anna to be an MC because the people who were working on the concert thought that they would provide one.


Melody's older sister who is also Nina's therapist.

Jean Paul "JP"

Jean Paul is HearThrob's makeup artist. He is Nina's biological father. JP falls in love with Jai but doesn't pressure him about it.

Nina's Adoptive Parents



Nina was jealous of Anna because of how close she has gotten to the boys. She will do anything to keep Anna away from HearThrob. Nina originally had long, curly hair --similar to Paris. Then, her "parents" asked her to dye her hair blonde.


She was first seen hanging out with Nina and Melody. It turns out that she is Rick's daughter and is the reason why he's always ahead. Nina is the one who figured out that she was spying on them.


Rick was HearThrob's former manager and was the one who made them famous.


Paris was HearThrob's fashion designer who used to design the boys' outfits. She is Nina's biological mother. Jean Paul impregnated her.