The cover art for the story.

Hidden France is a story created by author Pietro Fattorello on Episode - Choose Your Story. It currently consists of 3 episodes and it's an ongoing project. It tells the story of a group of friends who go on a free trip to france, led by an attractive tour guide. However, things seem a little bit fishy about all this, and soon they will all find themselves playing a game of cat and mouse, trying to stay safe.

Plot Edit

The story begins when Kris calls her friend Paul on the phone, telling him she was just followed by an account on the internet. The account is a project called 'Hidden France' which consists of a trip to Ardèche, France, with a man named Hugh as their guide. Paul thinks this is too good to be true, but Kris disagrees and calls him a killjoy.

Kris finds out the prices for the trip are way too high, so she e-mails the guide for a discount, and he acceeds to let her and her friends join him on tour for free. Kris is overjoyed by this and tells Paul the next day, as well as the rest of the gang. (Mist, Billie and Anne)

Characters Edit

  • Kris: The main character, she's an art-loving, outgoing and friendly young girl. She is not one to shy away from solving mysteries and going on adventures. But she will start hesitating when danger gets to her and the people she loves.
  • Paul: Kris' best friend, he's a sassy, quirky and intelligent young man. He's usually the first to notice when something is out of the ordinary.
  • Billie: One of Kris' friends, she's a nice, quiet and polite girl. Always has her friends' backs and follows them wherever they go.
  • Mist: Another member of the crew, a funny and fearless girl who's not afraid to speak her mind and crack jokes when necessary, although she may cross the line sometimes.
  • Anne: She's a caring and playful girl with unending love for her friends and family, strong with words but not as much with actions.
  • Hugh: The tour guide. An attractive man with little known backstory so far, but some of the guys seem to think there's something fishy about him.
  • Christina: A girl who joined the 'Hidden France' tour along with the crew. She's stuck-up and sometimes flat-out mean, especially to Kris.
  • John: A caring, nice guy who joined the tour with the crew.
  • Alexa: A pretty girl who's on the tour with the rest of the cast.