Infamous is a story published by Kayla Sloans. The story is about 6 criminals sent to a university to investigate about a murder.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Isabel Green/Ivy

  • Readers are allowed to customize her at the beginning of the first episode
  • In later episode, she dyed her hair green as green is her late mother's favorite color
  • She has two younger twin brothers, Isaac and Ivan Green
  • Before going to jail, she and her brothers are abused by their father who is an alcohol addict
  • She poisoned her father as she can't take anymore abuse, thus sending her to jail

Bethany Janes/Babydoll/Dollface

  • The youngest of the 6
  • She is of Spanish descent
  • Has a split personality disorder
  • Was a stripper before being sent to the jail
  • Her parents are neurologists but they sent her to jail as they can't find a way to cure her disorder
  • During the process of investigating the murder, she fell in love with a girl named Cora
  • Beth is described as very innocent and naive

Derrick Hughes/Death

  • Wears a mask to hide his face
  • Although he never speaks, he is very kind and protective of his friends
  • Many girls are attracted to him
  • He is somewhat smart
  • His mother's 'death' somehow affected him in some way
  • Like Isabel, he hates his own father
  • He likes kids

Alvin Smith/Arson

  • The eldest of the 6
  • He is African American
  • Arrested for burning down a bank
  • Protective of his friends and family
  • Has a daughter named Maya

Henry Roads/Hacker

  • He is of German descent
  • Arrested for hacking his way through a casino's system to steal money
  • The youngest of two siblings
  • Although he has temper problems, he is actually kind

Peter Rums/Psycho

  • Arrested for torturing people
  • Described as an idiot
  • Has a weird sense of humor
  • Dyed his hair blue as it is his late girlfriend's favorite color