Joseph Evans
Joseph Evans is the Episode writer of The Phoenix Prophecy, The Ember Effect, The Secret of Rain and Soulbound.

After releasing Soulbound, Joseph announced on his Instagram that he was working on another story using Episode Ink for the first time. It was released a few months later, and was called The Secret of Rain.

After the completion of the The Secret of Rain, Joseph released another story using Episode Limelight. The story is titled The Last Goodbye and is complete with a total of 15 chapters. The Last Goodbye and The Secret of Rain can now be found in Episode's featured section. 


  • Joseph has a substantial amount of knowledge about how to write an advanced Episode story, and has been writing Episode stories for quite a while.
  • Joseph owns a Wattpad account (joseph_evans), an Instagram account (josephcevans), and a Twitter account (JosephCEvans).
  • Joseph has his own tutorials on YouTube for writing a story on Episode.
  • Joseph is the author of his own book series titled The Seckry Sequence, a fantasy adventure series. It is available online as well as being released in paperback.
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