Killer Sorority is a community fiction story written by Carter. The story was first published on June 21, 2018 with the release of the first 3 episodes. It is categorized as a Mystery story with undertones of Drama and Romance and is written in the Episode Ink style.

The story follows the protagonist through her first days at Westbrook University, a prestigious California college where everything seems perfect, especially the sorority called Kappa Eta Sigma. However, she soon discovers that there's a hidden dark truth to them.

Summary Edit

After deciding to pledge a sorority, you discover a murderous secret with ties to your past. Can you survive freshman year? Mystery-drama with customizable characters.


Wᴀʀɴɪɴɢ﹕ Mᴀʏ Cᴏɴᴛᴀɪɴ Sᴘᴏɪʟᴇʀs!


The story starts with a flashforward that takes place six months after the Protagonist arrives at Westbrook University, detailing how everything started out "perfect"... but she soon ended up in the middle of a murder investigation.

Prologue (Episode 1)Edit

The Protagonist starts at Westbrook University, and gets checked in. As she's trying to find her dorm, she runs into a hot sophomore guy, Caleb McQueen. He helps her find her dorm, and she soon settles in and meets her roommate, Sara. Sara is a bubbly, outgoing, and extroverted person who's excited to be her roommate. They soon start on the topic of joining a sorority, and decide to check out a mixer for Kappa to meet the girls. Once they arrive at the mixer, they soon meet Tiffany, the "mean girl" president, as well as Aubrey, the pledge director, and Courtney, a ditzy but innocent girl who gives several comedic lines. After finding out about Kappa, the Protagonist once again runs into Caleb, who says he'd like to get to know her better and invites her on a date. The Protagonist quickly accepts his offer, and she, along with Sara, get dressed and head down to Kappa's big party. There, she soon discovers that Caleb and Tiffany are actually dating, causing problems for her, and that anyone who's tried to get between them in the past has disappeared, opening up a whole set of questions.

Episode 2Edit

The Protagonist continues at the party, and soon meets a handsome and preppy guy named Jackson, who's also a mess from recently being dumped by his girlfriend. They bond in eachother's misery and start doing shots together, which leads to them drunkely making out in Courtney's closet upstairs. The next morning, the Protagonist has a ridiculous hangover, and Sara tries to cheer her up. Once again, the Kappa girls invite them to another party for "insiders" and potential pledges that evening. The Protagonist runs into Caleb again and he tries to get her to forgive him during a "friends-only" lunch date together. Once the Protagonist heads back to her dorm, she runs into a girl she met at the party, and learns something startling about Kappa. Then, as she heads in, she notices that Sara isn't there. The episode ends as the Protagonist sees her walking in and exclaims "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?".

Episode 3Edit

The Protagonist finds out something startling from Sara, attends the Kappa party and learns something about Tiffany. After their long night, she's preparing to go to bed in preparation for her first day of classes tomorrow. But, she then realizes she's received a letter while she was out, from an anonymous person who tells her not to trust the Kappa girls, and stay safe. After this, she has a relatively sleepless night, and worries about what it could mean. Flashing to her first day of class, she wakes up late and quickly scrambles to get there. During the day, she runs into Jackson again, who she finds something out about, and then sees Sara arguing with a mysterious man, which Sara refuses to shed much light on. At the end of the day, the Protagonist receives a blocked text message from the person who left her a note, saying to meet her at the park at 6 PM tonight, and to come alone. Does she?


Main CharactersEdit

  • Protagonist - The character and the player's point of view. She is female and can have any given name and a customizable appearance, and features.
  • Sara - The protagonist's bubbly and outgoing roommate.

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Tiffany - The rich "mean girl" and president of Kappa house.
  • Aubrey - The cunning, and secretly smart Kappa girl, as well as best friend of Tiffany.
  • Courtney - The ditzy and innocent Kappa girl who often drives Tiffany crazy.
  • Caleb - The hot guy who first helps the Protagonist find her dorm, and then gets her involved in some crazy relationship drama between him and Tiffany. He is the president of Alpha Delta Rho.
  • Jackson - The preppy hot guy with a big love of sports who acts as another love interest for the Protagonist. He is a member of Theta Xi Gamma, the brother sorority to Caleb's Alpha Delta Rho.
  • Nolan - A sensitive guy and a third love interest for the Protagonist. He loves to write music and play the guitar, and he attends the same film class as the Protagonist. He is very sweet.
  • Christopher - A brother at Alpha Delta Rho. He is gay, and he is the captain of Westbrook's football team, which the Protagonist finds unusual and intruguing. 
  • Cameron - Sara's ex-boyfriend with a temper who comes back to town and causes some drama.
  • Madison - The friendly girl with a great taste in shoes that the Protagonist sits with in the class for her chosen major. She warns the Protagonist about things that happened last year at Kappa.
  • Tabitha - Another friend to the Protagonist that she sits with in Communications. She is the Protagonist's shoulder to cry on whenever Sara is out, missing, or acting weird.
  • Jill - The woman at the Greek Life office with a lot of secrets and a condescending personality.
  • Lucas - The on/off boyfriend of Sara who she meets at a Kappa party.
  • Sabrina - A Kappa pledge who's quite rude and manipulative, and causes problems for the Protagonist.
  • Gina - Jackson's ex-girlfriend and is somehow involved with the mystery person who sends scary notes to the Protagonist.


  • This is one of the first tested User Stories to use gem choices.

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