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Loving Bad is a Featured Story on Episode Interactive, using Episode Ink. It is about a young woman entering her first year in college and falling for the school's bad-boy. Loving Bad is based on a book written by Regan Ure.


It's your Freshman year of college and you've already fallen for the campus bad boy, but will he discover your secret?



Main Characters

  • The Protagonist (You)/Taylor Price

The protagonist is a young, female woman entering her first year of college at Oxblood University. She is also named "Taylor" by default. Taylor has pale skin with blue eyes and blond hair, but she can also be customized by the Player as well as named differently. The protagonist harbors a deep secret related to her family and she begin some to have strange experiences on campus. While adapting to her new life, the protagonist begins to fall for the school's bad boy and her sweet classmate as well.

  • Sin Carter

Oxblood University's popular bad boy and player. Sin has a notorious reputation of being a player. However, he begins to become fascinated by the protagonist and her innocence. Sin is the protagonist's main love interest.

  • Jordan

She is Taylor's roommate and close friend. They first meet at Oxblood where Jordan is a sophomore guiding Taylor, who is a freshman in college. Jordan acts like an older sister and offers advice to Taylor. She cares deeply about her friend.

  • Connor

He's Taylor's older brother who works as an FBI Agent. Ever since the whole incident, Connor has been overly protective of his younger sister.

  • Slater

He is Sin Carter's best friend and Jordan's secret lover. They briefly break up but with the help of Taylor and Caleb, the two of them get back together.

Minor Characters

  • Caleb

Taylor's classmate who has a crush on her. He briefly dates Taylor. He was hurt when he found out about Sin and Taylor's history but forgave her.

  • Charmaine

A minor character and the protagonist's roommate's close friend. Charmaine is wealthy, a bit snobby, and very materialistic. However, she becomes friendly with the protagonist and often offers the protagonist and her roommate outfits to on-campus parties and/or events. Charmaine also has a complicated romantic relationship with another guy on campus.

  • Thrasher

Charmaine's on-again and off-again boyfriend.

  • Matt

He becomes Taylor's bodyguard. Connor hires him to keep an eye out for his younger sister.

  • Eric

Eric is Sin's neighbor. He is also the main character's stalker. Ever since the main character's parents died, her face appeared on the news. He can relate to her because his parents were also killed.

Eric is a mentally unstable man with unpredictable moodswings.

  • Zane

Zane is Jordan's crazy ex-boyfriend.