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Lynette Lennox is a main character in Tapes. She is the player character in Season 1, but loses the role to her sister in Season 2 and 3. 


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Lynette is the first of twin daughters born to Janet and Ebenezer and has a sister, Jades. Their parents were killed on their tenth birthday from poisoning, which resulted in Jades being institutionalized in a psychiatric ward for the next decade, while Lynette was sent to live with her widowed aunt Elinor.

Upon turning 20, Lynette is a minor socialite in her town, but never stopped thinking about Jades. Jades's unexpected discharge from the ward sparks the beginning of many strange events that causes Lynette to realize whoever poisoned her parents is likely coming for the two sisters next, but Jades begins to realize their parents may have had something to do with a bigger threat.