Nicole Adams is a character in Real Hollywood, a Romance/Drama story written by Shauna Rubenchrist. She is Annika's cousin, and a budding recording artist.


Nicole is first introduced on Annika's house, when she meets Ella. Annika tells Ella about the stories Nicole has with Dane, her boyfriend, like putting Annika's couch on fire. On future chapters, Nicole breaks up with Dane and kicks him out of her house. The crew decide it is better to Nicole to live with Bianca.

The next chapters confirm Nicole is bisexual when she starts a secret relationship with Maya Meinstein, that helps her to reach fame with her singing career.

Singing Career

Known Songs

  • "Life of Weed": "Life of Weed" is Nicole's most famous song. It was the first song she made, which got reproved by her roommates, but approved by the media. On Annika's wedding, Nicole sang "Life of Weed", making many people dance and many other cry, since "the song is so good".
  • "Promise Me You'll Promise Me": "Promise Me You'll Promise Me" was introduced on Annika's wedding, when Nicole dedicated the music to her.