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Passes are a notable game feature and are used to read stories on Episode. They are available in different packages with an in-app purchase instantly, three free passes every 4 hours, or with a user code found within the app.

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In the early version of Epsiode, passes were available seperately on individual stories. While waiting for more passes for Campus Crush, you could play through Real Hollywood if you had passes on it. In the recent updates, all passes are shared through stories, and you can only play one at a time before waiting, unless purchasing them in-game with real money.

In-App Purchases

Episode contains IAP, where you can use money from your Itunes account in order to buy quick passes. These passes come in different packages, all at different prices as shown below.

Free Passes

Currently, a video-watching or offer function is not available to earn free passes on the app without buying more, unlike other games but however may implement the idea soon. There are currently only two legit ways of obtaining passes for free.

  • Waiting four hours for your passes to regenerate back to three or more passes.
  • Playing a story that has recently been updated with new episodes. This will give you one extra pass so you can experience the start of the new chapter.
  • Trading and entering codes given by other users online and on social networks. There is currently a glitch in this however, that prevents some people from entering in other users' codes.


There are upset players over the wait required to get more passes. For some players there is known to be a major glitch which allows certain players to get 2 episodes per 2 hours, while for most others it is 4 for 3 passes. 

The app has received a high amount of low ratings on the Google play and app stores. It is unknown if this waiting time will ever be reduced.