Phoenix Faraday is the main protagonist of The Phoenix Prophecy. She was born to Andrew Faraday (aka Lord Vaska) and her birth mother, Autumn Faraday.


The Phoenix Prophecy

Phoenix was captured and had her memories erased at the beginning. Bastion and Tanner, two members of the Firefree, had came to her rescue. She later lived at the Firefree, when they were trying to figure out her memories. There, she met a girl named Nikki/Zara , a girl who deeply loved Bastion/Tanner and wanted him for herself. Phoenix later discovered she was the daughter of Lord Vaska and needed to defeat him by herself, ultimately leading to his downfall.

Powers & Abilities


When she was very young, her father had performed genetic engineering experiments on her that enable her to manipulate the physical movements of others with her mind. As revealed in one of the final episodes of the series, this ability can be augmented by heat.

Fire Resistance

Autumn Faraday, before her murder, had given Phoenix a shot that made her immune to fire. It was ultimately this, when combined with the teen's biokinesis, that led to the fall of Lord Vaska's dictatorship.