One year after Alison's disappearance, you're BFFs with her old crew. Alas, a PLL story would be nothing


without A lurking in the shadows, and on the one-year anniversary of Ali's disappearance, the villain in the black hoodie starts messing with the Rosewood residents. A has the same beef with the other Liars as on the show, but the antagonist also wants to punish you for something that happened in Riverbank — something that has to do with your crush, who just moved into town. (The app gives you the option to pick between a girl or guy crush — points for inclusivity.)

The most interesting part of the game is that while you are, in theory, playing through the first season of PLL, you're doing so in an "alternate reality" timeline. The major players, like Jenna, Alison, and Mona, are characters within the game, but have different arcs than they did in the TV show. It means that even the biggest PLL fan (cough, me) has no idea where the "season" is going, or A's identity.