Saint Gehenna

The cover art for the first season of Saint Gehenna.

Saint Gehenna is a dramedy/dark comedy written by David Runk. The story's style is heavily rooted in witty and sometimes offensive dialogue and has admittedly taken lots of inspiration from titles like CalifornicationArcher, and Grand Theft Auto V.

Saint Gehenna revolves around a set group of characters and does not feature a single customizable avatar at this point.


Saint Gehenna follows the misadventures of a five-piece rock band in the fictional city of Saint Joseph.


Season 1Edit

Major charactersEdit

  • Martin Wall - The somewhat naive, 19 year-old bassist of Saint Gehenna.
  • Neil Romanov - The foul-mouthed lead guitarist of Saint Gehenna with a tendency of getting himself into trouble.
  • Nathan Cross -  A freelance reporter and the lead singer of Saint Gehenna, Nathan is in his mid-to-late 20's.
  • Patrick Bates - The uptight drummer of Saint Gehenna is also an attorney. He's in his 30's, is the oldest and arguably the sanest member of the band.
  • Eifram Mulqvist - The owner of Mulqvist Management and a record label called Satan's Empire loaded with sociopathic tendencies.
  • John Ellis - The quiet, nerdy keyboardist of Saint Gehenna. He tends to act as the band's de facto mediator to balance out the more extreme personalities of his bandmates.
  • Elin Mulqvist - The spoiled teenage daughter of Eifram Mulqvist who shares her father's unique sense of morality.
  • Robert "Robbie" Jensen - A washed up rock producer who suffers from a severe case of drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Mindy Blake - Martin's sassy 24 year-old love interest. She's also a hairdresser.

Minor charactersEdit

  • Stevie Jones - Your average rich kid. Has a big house in Sunset Peak, one of the nicer parts of Saint John.
  • David Runk - Eifram Mulqvist's assistant. He's a failed Hollywood agent in his mid-30's with a tendency to come up with a pitch for everything.
  • Marlon Bundy - A shock rock musician who used to be really popular. Also a drug addict.
  • Benny Karstein - A multitalented Rock musician and Submachine magazine's Platinum Idol of 2018.
  • Britney Shields - A pop star who refuses to admit that her moments in the spotlight are fading.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

Due to a five-month production hiatus, there won't be any promises regarding episode air dates.

No. in series No. in season Title Release date
#1 #1 Pilot 21. Feb. 2018
#2 #2 Skills in Pills 21. Feb. 2018
#3 #3 Lock up your Daughters 21. Feb. 2018
#4 #4 Beneath Carpets of Crimson 21. Feb. 2018
#5 #5 ...Baby one more Time... 27. Feb. 2018
#6 #6 Pros and Cons in Sequence 2018
#7 #7 TBA TBA
#7 #7 TBA TBA
#8 #8 TBA TBA
#9 #9 TBA TBA
#10 #10 TBA TBA