School Spirit is an Episode story about Evelyn, who can talk to the spirits of dead teenagers. There are 25 episodes, and it is completed. It is stated that Evelyn finds the school's spirits where they spent much of their time while living...

Wᴀʀɴɪɴɢ﹕ Mᴀʏ Cᴏɴᴛᴀɪɴ Sᴘᴏɪʟᴇʀs!

Significant Characters

The Protagonists

  • Evelyn (Main Protagonist)
  • Troy
  • Nikki
  • William
  • Dean

Cohen's Chosen Characters (The Deceased)

  • Sara
  • Tabletop
  • Norma
  • Neil
  • Zach
  • Lucia (A french exchange student)

The Antagonists

  • Bridget
  • Amber (Minor Antagonist/Brief Antagonist)
  • Liz (Minor Antagonist/Brief Antagonist)
  • Zach

Places of the Spirits

Sara: Fountain in front of school

Tabletop: Libary, near card table

Norma: Lakeside in the woods

Neil: Brunnan Hospital mourge room

Zach: Spoiler!!! Alive, caused fire that killed them. End of spoiler

Lucia: Luctree computer lab