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Sister Swap is an Episode Interactive story about twin sisters --Kenzie and Lola-- and their path to chasing their dreams. The twins are opposite of each other: Kenzie is the sporty and tomboyish one while Lola is girly who also has a knack for singing.


Lola wanted to join a singing competition but knew that her mother wouldn't let her go all the way to New York by herself. So, she deviced a plan to convince her twin sister Kenzie to pretend to be her for a week. At first, Kenzie didn't want to do it but Lola told her that she'll let her in the soccer team. Kenzie hesitantly accepted the offer and pretended to be Lola while the real Lola is in another state. Lola can get to her destination via the plane or the train.



Kenzie is one of the main protagonists of the story along with her twin sister, Lola. She and Lola are complete opposites, Kenzie is tomboyish and prefers playing sports while Lola is a girly girl who loves to sing.


Lola is one of the main protagonists of the story. She is Kenzie's twin sister. Lola came up with the idea that her sister Kenzie pretend to be her for a week so that she can audition to a singing competition. Lola eventually lost but she got a recording deal.


Kenzie's best friend who's secretly in love with her.


Colton was Lola's boyfriend. He broke up with her after he found out about the twins' plan. He felt betrayed.


Kenzie and Lola's mother who's supportive of her daughters.

Holly Heart

Holly is Lola's enemy. She didn't win the contest and was eliminated.