Super Secret Cedar Hill is a popular story on Episode: Choose Your Story. It is written by P.M. Turner. The entire setting of the story takes place on an old fashioned, private high school. Ava Gardiner, the main protagonist, dorms at the school and reconnects with her childhood crush and becomes friends with his girlfriend.


"It's not easy being the new girl at an elite boarding school, especially when a secret society is calling the shots.[COMPLETE]"

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Main Characters

  • Ava Gardener - The Player Character, she is a new student at the school, a junior. She struggles to adapt to her new school environment, which includes joining the popular and the prestigious sorority-type group, the Pink And Blacks.
  • Miranda - A member of the Pink And Blacks and the protagonist's new friend.
  • Hailey - Ava's eccentric roommate and her first friend at the school.
  • Aubrey - Representative and Leader of the Pink And Blacks, a frenemy to the protagonist.

Supporting Characters

  • Liam - An advisor for new students and the protagonist's close friend.
  • Ethan - The friend and love interest of Ava and leader of the Basketball team.
  • Eli - the minor love interest and new friend of Ava, a new student that later appears in the story.
  • Whitney - Aubrey's right hand in the Pink And Blacks.
  • Mia - A candidate for the Pink And Blacks.
  • Sara - A creepy stalker and a candidate for the Pink And Blacks.
  • Adrienne - Ava's best friend from her old school.
  • Henri - Love interest of Liam and a friend to the protagonist.
  • Ripper - Love interest of Janet, also a janitor at the school.
  • Janet - Aunt of Ava and a teacher at the school.
  • Mom- Ava's mother who works as a Hollywood actor.