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Tanner Valentine is a character in Joseph Evans' Episode story The Phoenix Prophecy. He is first seen when he rescues Phoenix Faraday from the "hospital," she is at in the beginning of the Episode. He is Phoenix's only childhood friend, and boyfriend later on in the story. He had saved her from when Erin, a worker for another evil group, tried to poison her. Zara thinks that she is his girlfriend, angry that he loves Phoenix. Near the end, Lord Vaska tried to destroy him, thinking that was an excellent way to make Phoenix suffer.


  • Tanner's equivalent is Bastion Dannick, who Phoenix can also choose and still end up with the same story outcome. However, Bastion and Tanner are rebels to their group no matter who Phoenix chooses to train with in the beginning of the story.
  • He has an interest in foreign languages.
  • His memories were erased too, but he didn't know it.
  • He is Phoenix's only childhood friend.