The Curse Of Wraith Town is an Episode app story and is written by the author, Karen Petrova. It is about a young woman, named Dana, who is suddenly uprooted from her apartment in Manhattan and settles down in a rural town in upstate New York. The story is complete, for now, with 12 Episodes. This story is also a spinoff from its original story, Destiny.

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When Dana moves to a rural town, abnormal events and the mysterious Sean Gracey are enough to keep her on edge...


Main Characters

  • Dana Green - The main character and protagonist of this story. She moves to Wraith Town and discovers nothing is entirely normal about the town.
  • Shannon Green - A main character and a victim to the heinous crimes within Wraith Town. Shannon is also Dana's younger and only sister.
  • Sean Gracey - The rude and introverted young man who holds a dark secret. He shares an antagonistic relationship with Dana, at first. Also, Sean and his father acted as a host family toward the Greens.
  • Matthew Gracey - The cold owner of Gracey Manor who also harbors a dark secret. He is the host of the home the Greens will stay in while Detective Green investigates Wraith Town's odd crimes.
  • Detective Green - Originally a detective in Manhattan law enforcement, Mr. Green accepts a job offer when a town becomes desperate to solve the murders and crimes that occur frequently there. Mr. Green and his daughters, Dana and Shannon, move in with the Gracey's and the detective begins investigating the town's murders.