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The Phoenix Prophecy is a fantasy/mystery story written by Joseph Evans. Its total length is thirty-five Episodes.


You wake in a hospital to an unfamiliar world. Two men claim that they've come to your rescue. Who should you trust?


Phoenix and Tanner

Phoenix wakes up in a hospital as Emma Lawson, evidently not knowing who she really was. As her supsicions grow and she attempts to escape, two Firefree members named Bastion and Tanner come to her rescue. [This is a choice. Either Tanner or Bastion will be the best friend/boyfriend in the Episode. It depends on who you pick]. She goes with Tanner/Bastion and meets Zara/Nikki, who thinks that she is Tanner/Bastion's girlfriend. Erin, somebody who works for a unique, yet evil group of people, tries to kill Phoenix but Tanner/Bastion comes to Phoenix's rescue, and almost dies. Later on, Phoenix finds out she is the daughter of Lord Vaska, the evil mastermind, who is trying to take over the world. Before the story, she finds out she assassinated the president that came before by using her powers. Phoenix finally defeats Lord Vaska by making him fall out of a window using her powers.


Main Characters

  • Phoenix Faraday - The main protagonist of the story.
  • Bastion Dannick/Tanner Valentine- Phoenix's best friend, and a member of the Firefree, and later her boyfriend.
  • Lord Vaska/Andrew Faraday - Lord Vaska is the main antagonist of "The Phoenix Prophecy". He is Phoenix Faraday's dad and Autumn Faraday's husband (Phoenix's mother).
  • Charles Walker - Leader of the Firefree.
  • Nikki/Zara - a member of the Firefree, who deeply likes Bastion/Tanner and tries to get rid of Phoenix, by letting people burn her alive.


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