The Teacher is a Romance/Drama Episode story (told in Classic Ink) that follows the main protagonist Mia Rose; follow Mia as she navigates her love life and her life goals to become a doctor. This Episode story is written by, Mette Peleikis.

Wᴀʀɴɪɴɢ﹕ Mᴀʏ Cᴏɴᴛᴀɪɴ Sᴘᴏɪʟᴇʀs!

Main/Important Characters

  • Mia Rose - the main protagonist of the story. Mia is a smart up young woman who falls in love with her sexy, yet mysterious teacher. She also falls for and can choose to ultimately be with her best friend's older brother Sam, or her childhood friend, Will.
  • Darryl - Mia's teacher and infatuation. She begins to date him until they are forced to break up due to complicated circumstances within the plot. Darryl is described as a stud, gorgeous and holds a mysterious past due to previous heartache. Spoiler, Darryl is also the father of Mia's daughter.
  • Kylie - Darryl's younger sister and is looked after by Mia after the protagonist moves in to Darryl's home. Mia is paid to look after Kylie because Kylie's mother mentions that she is autistic and the mother wants her to be watched over being she is a young child. However, Kylie is intelligent, caring, beautiful and a kind person despite this and Mia truly believes that Kylie holds an independent streak, opposite of Darryl and Kylie's mother's opinions on how she feels Kylie is on her own.
  • Kelly - Mia's best friend and the younger sister of one of the three of the men in love with Mia. Kelly is seen as Mia's rock and sister.
  • Sam - Mia's best friend's older brother, friend, and a successful Doctor. Mia admires his loyalty to his sister and his devotion towards others. Mia can choose to be with him, Darryl or Will in the end.
  • Will - Mia's childhood friend, "first" love, and he is in love with Mia. Will is Mia's age, but mature for his age. Will is kind hearted and a loyal friend towards Mia. Mia can choose to be with him, Darryl or Sam in the end.
  • Mia's Father - Due to Mia's mother dying early in her life, Mia's father carried the burden as father and mother whole raising Mia. Mia loves her father and her father continually supports her, especially after the revelation of Mia's mistake with Darryl.
  • Isabella "Bella" - Mia's baby daughter from having a night of passion with Darryl. Mia cherishes her as she was raised during Mia's time in college.
  • Elena - Darryl's ex-girlfriend who shows up on his doorstep pregnant with another man's baby and in need of help. Elena's intentions are definitely not pure being she only wants to bed Darryl like the old times with Darryl.