Hello everyone, I'm RoxLove15

This is my first time writing a blog post so I'm really only experimenting. I also figured that this will be a great oppurninty to share my thoughts on Episode. 

As I mentioned in my profile, my current favourite Episode stories include; Back and Forth, The Secret of Rain, The Enchnatress and Tangled Love. Out of all of these I really enjoyed Tangled Love. I have read the Claasic version and now I am currently in the process of reading the Ink version. Just gotta wait for the author to update...

I've also really wanted to write my own storie on Episode. Only problem is no ideas come to mind. However I have currently thought of a Harry Potter stlye idea and is in the process of developing it. Hopefully it works out...

I'm also really excited for Episode to release their new ink style! 

If there's anyone out there who've also wanted to release a story on Episode or has already done so, I hope it works/ worked out really well :)