ECC Courtney Template Courtney: EW, gross. Click!
Illiana: You didn't mean that, right?
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“(I feel so gross.) ..I like your shirt.”
— The Protagonist , attempting to start a conversation
“Thanks. It's hard to find ones that fit since my 'guns' are so big.”
— Victor , showing off to the Protagonist
“(I think I just vommited in my mouth.)”
— The Protagonists , thoughts after Victor shows off

Victor is a student and character in the Episode Interactive story, "Campus Crush", he generally shows off constantly and is very stuck up, but this is generally used to attract others. Though Victor does show a lot of interest in the protagonist with his shameless flirting, he's seen as a player and is rumored to be dating numerous amounts of other girls, and one of the main girls of whichever sorority you go to first. If the player choses to date Victor, he'll tell you that if his Casanova attitude bothers you, he'll be more than happy to drop it, this specifically comes up on the second date you've had.