Wren is the main female character in Bought & Paid For and SOLD FOR TWENTY THOUSAND BUCKS, books w which are written by Ginaplaysgames and Doglover. She shares a close bond with her sister Ryan.

Family Edit

Wren lives in a small trailer with her mother and sister. Her mother and Wren are enemies and Noah (her mother) often abuses her.

Ryan and Wren play many pretend games together and share a close bond.

Quotes Edit

"I love you sis. Never forgot that" Wren, when talking to Ryan. (Bought and Paid for)

I have to live for Ryan Wren, to herself. (Bought and Paid For)

Oh no you didn't you bogging b*tch Wren, confronting her bullies Jenna Lily and Sweetheart. (Bought and Paid For)

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